2023-24 School Year

Welcome to the Lil Miss Coder's Monthly Events! We look forward to having you join our creative activities. Please find the calendar for the 23-24 school year. We will provide our free prep information for each month with a Zoom link!

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​​​​​January 6th -- "Making Coding Moves" Kickoff 23/24

Event Details:  Using the language Python to build your own self portrait. 

Virtual Event: 11 am-12pm (CT)

Event Link: 
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April 6th -- Everything Code Competition 2024 

Event Details: Time to test your coding skills.  Combination of great coding challenges

Virtual Event: 11:30am -1pm (CST) / 12:30PM -2PM (EST)

Event Link:


April Event Contents:

Coding competition will be a combination of all the events we had this year. Visit the previous event links to see prior activities. Good Luck!!!

March 9th -- "World Code Day"... It's a girl thing.

Event Details: Students from Ghana will be joining USA Students for an hour of coding.

Virtual Event: 11am-12pm (CST) / 12pm-1pm (EST) / 5pm-6pm (GMT)

Event Zoom Link:

March Event Contents: 

February 10th -- "What the AI?"

Event Details:  Learn about how to use Artificial Intelligence for Coding.

Virtual Event: 11am-12pm (CST) / 12pm-1pm (EST)

Event Link:

FEBURary Event Contents: